First person: Life on the greens

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Jimmy Dominguez says New Year’s Day is just another day.

Jimmy Dominguez, 60, is one of the few city workers who worked on New Year’s Day. As the greens supervisor at the Clovis Municipal Golf Course, Dominguez spent the day working in the pro shop, which he does part-time as needed. But, Dominguez said, it’s just another day.

City slicker: I’ve worked for the city for 36 years. I’ve worked here at the golf course for about 10.

Filling in: I volunteered to work here in the pro shop whenever they needed help. I fill in on holidays or when people are taking vacation. It’s fun. It gives me something different to do.

Golfer: I used to play a lot of golf. Not so much anymore. I play in a couple of tourneys during the summer. I spend most of my time here at the golf course supervising my crew. We make sure the course is playable to everyone. I enjoy working outside and in the environment here. The people are all nice.

New Year’s: It’s just another day for me. I didn’t celebrate really. Just stayed home. I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution in a long time.

Family: I have four kids and seven grandchildren who all live here in Clovis. I was born and raised here. Some of my family members like to come out to go to the driving range and say, Hi.

Dream vacation: If I could go anywhere, I’d go somewhere in Europe. Anywhere. I’d take a lot of my family. It would be great.

— Compiled by Liliana Castillo