Jesus’ birthday gives Christians chance to connect

By Judy Brandon: CNJ Columnist

At times I am able to tune in to Ravi Zacharias on the radio. A dynamic speaker, he is also a wonderful teacher and a Christian theologian that has a world wide ministry. He is highly educated, and a visiting scholar at Oxford. Zacharias speaks to scores of college groups and university forums all across the world. The other night I was listening to him on the radio and he gave a beautiful illustration that is worth retelling.

Dr. Zacharias could not remember where he heard the story but it was when the Billy Graham team had a festival in Romania in the 1980’s. One of the workers on the team was strolling down the street in the city where the festival was being held. He was in a downtown park and likely one of the very few around that spoke English.

The story goes that as this man was walking, he passed another man that was whistling. Immediately the man from America recognized the tune the man was whistling as the old hymn, “The Great Physician.” Excited to hear something that he knew, the American stopped the man who was whistling and asked him in English, “Are you a believer?”