First person: Ringing in the season

CNJ staff photo: Liliana Castillo Kim Downie spends much of her time volunteering for local charities.

Kim Downie, 28, is studying psychology and sociology at Clovis Community College. When she’s not studying, taking care of her 7-year-old son Roy or spending time with her fiancee, Downie volunteers with local charities.

Local lady: I moved to Clovis in 1995. I was a bell ringer for the Salvation Army in high school, but this is my first year back since. To be a bell ringer, you have to be on your feet for seven hours. Comfortable shoes are the key.

Helping others: I like helping those in need. I participate in the Clovis cleanup twice a year, and work with Trio at the college.

My baby: My son, Roy, is disabled, so it’s difficult to get out. He has breathing problems and a verbal expression disorder. But we go to the workshops at Lowe’s twice a month. He loves building.

Mystery and horror: I like to read mystery books. But I like to watch all kinds of movies, even horror. The ones most girls don’t like. My favorite movie is “Riding in Cars with Boys.” I thought it was a good movie.

Dream move: If I could go anywhere, I would go to Arkansas. I’ve visited there a few times. It’s real serene and relaxing over there. I’m planning on moving there some day.

Degree plan: I’m planning to use my degree to work in the schools. I want to help students. If they have someone to help them in the schools, they’ll do better through their life.