Nov. 14, 2008 Amos the Churchmouse

ghosts of ephraim

boss we had an interesting
bible study the other day
here in the church pew

a group of us had gathered
together in pastor leroy
beetle s house and he
shared with us some
biblical insights from a
fellow preacher named
chuck swindoll as we went
on a studying safari
through the psalms

our beady little eyes fell
upon verse nine in psalms

we were intrigued by a
strange stroke of the
psalmist s pen –
the sons of ephraim were
archers equipped with bows
yet they turned back in the
day of battle –

we couldn t believe it boss
here these men of ephraim
were adept with bow and
arrow – and not only that –
they had lots of hardware
to handle the enemy s attack

but look at what they did said
pastor leroy