Officials avoiding ‘black’ Friday


CNJ Staff Photo: Tony Bullocks Clovis animal control officials do not allow the adoption of black cats near Halloween to prevent abuse. By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer Black cats in Clovis get a holiday too. Animal Control Supervisor Louisa Maestas said black cats are not available for adoption until Monday, after Halloween has passed. […]

First Person: Bingo is her game-o


CNJ Staff Photo: Liliana Castillo Glenda Null finds joy in ovolunteering for local seniors. Glenda Null, 54, calls bingo at a senior residence center, Dumpster dives for clothes to donate and makes rounds to homes of the elderly that are unable to leave their homes. She turned to volunteering after she was diagnosed with rheumatoid […]

Oct. 31, 2008 Public Record

The following marriage licenses were compiled from court records from Oct. 23 through Wednesday: • Nathan J. Schuler, 25, to Heather Rae Sherven, 24, both of Clovis • Georgdan Jermaine Wilson, 21, of Lubbock, to Kilani Crystal Walker, 24, of Clovis • Logan Jude Duplechain, 23, to Veronica Natasha Loera, 22, both of Clovis • […]

Oct. 31, 2008 Police Blotter

Samplings of recent calls received by Clovis-area law enforcement officers, according to reports: About 7 a.m. Oct. 23 an officer responded to a business in the 3000 block of Mabry Drive for a larceny report. A manager said when he arrived at work he discovered a customer’s vehicle sitting on the ground with its tires […]

Readers have say in upcoming vote

• Editor’s note: The deadline has passed for submitting letters to the editor related to Tuesday’s election. Consider candidates’ stances on issues The election is near and many are trying to decide who to believe, and which way to choose the next president. There are clear differences between the candidates’ positions based on what they […]

Sen. Stevens’ conviction hurts waning GOP

Freedom New Mexico Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens’ conviction Monday on all seven federal corruption charges is being viewed in terms of the Nov. 4 general election, which is understandable given that the nation is in the final week of a long and grueling presidential race. From that horse-race perspective, it’s obvious this is more bad […]

Oct. 31, 2008

HOLLYWOOD–God bless America, and how’s everybody? • Sarah Palin was hanged in effigy in a Halloween display in West Hollywood. The law varies. If a gay gets hanged it’s a hate crime, if a black gets hanged it’s a federal crime, if an Arab gets hanged, it means he was cleared of having weapons of […]

Casting your vote only half of work

Freedom New Mexico We get up early, take time off work or set out after we’ve punched the clock. We stand in line. Soon after that — depending on the line, of course — the big moment arrives. But getting to the voting booth is only half the story. Once we’re there, things truly get […]

Residents weigh in on election

• Editor’s note: The deadline has passed for submitting letters to the editor related to Tuesday’s election.

Oct. 30, 2008

HOLLYWOOD–God bless America, and how’s everybody? • Barack Obama delivered a campaign speech at an outdoor rally in a Philadelphia suburb during a thunderstorm Tuesday. Lightning bolts literally flashed across the sky as he spoke. God just did the math and realized his taxes are going up. • The L.A. Times refused to release video […]