Oct. 22 Letters to the Editor

Chandler assumptions unfounded

Regarding Sunday’s letter from Amber Workheiser referencing differences between the two candidates for Curry County commissioner in District 5:

I appreciate that her candidate, Paul Barnes, has some good experience, and has an excellent reputation. I do not, however, appreciate her remarks about his opponent, Caleb Chandler.

Caleb has served in local and state government for some time, and has done a wonderful job for those of us who live in Curry County. Caleb is very well known and respected by those he has served with for his knowledge, work ethic and integrity. He has certainly earned any retirement he may be getting at this time, and he has never considered any of his positions “just another job with retirement,” as she alleged.

As for her insinuation there would be any conflict of interest or bias because of Caleb’s relationship with his son — District Attorney Matt Chandler — or his brother-in-law — County Sheriff Matt Murray — I am here to tell you these three men are men of honor and integrity. Not one of them would allow anything even questionable to sully their reputations.