Oct. 19 Court Dispositions

The following felony criminal cases were recently closed through the 9th Judicial District Court.

To view individual cases, visit http://www.nmcourts.gov/caselookup/app and search by case number.

Searches can also be conducted using last name, first name and by comparing the case number to the search returns.

Under the “Register of Actions Activity” section of each case, activity is listed most recent to oldest, going down the page.

Oct. 9 through Oct. 15:

D-905-CR-200600326 David D Ricks, 40, probation revoked for violation on eight counts of forgery.

D-905-CR-200700046 Porcella McDonald, 24, probation revoked for violation on possession of a controlled substance.

D-905-CR-200700570 John Hernandez, 37, court order continuing probation on two counts contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

D-905-CR-200800292 Francisco Sotelo, 71, dismissal of one count of driving under the influence, first offense.