Sept. 21, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Our votes can turn country around

Is America self-destructing?

Why so many fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, properties destroyed, Americans killed, so much immorality that destroy the family unit, failing economy caused by greed and thievery by some corporations?

Are we bankrupting our nation toward another 1929 financial disaster?

This November we will elect new leaders. So much depends on people, our citizens of America. With God’s help and the people voting we can turn our country around from self-destruction to be the great country that our forefathers gave us.

We need to vote for leaders — president, vice president and new congressmen — who will quit overspending and overtaxing and will restore financial stability, rather than our present national debt that will bankrupt our nation.

The American people must learn to accept more responsibilities for their own needs rather than government providing them with giveaways.

Please, Americans, vote. Be informed. Listen to the left (liberals) and the right (conservatives), then choose the right person who will serve the people rather than advancing their own needs.

Len Santi