Local woman recognized as victim’s advocate of the year

A Clovis woman has been recognized as the victim’s advocate of the year, according to the district attorney’s office.

Miranda Gonzales, a victim’s advocate with the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s office, was selected to receive the 2008 governor’s Victim’s Advocate of the Year award, a news release said.

Gonzales was selected in part because of the care she gave 10-year-old kidnap victim Marissa Graham.

Graham had been kidnapped near her Oklahoma home and was found Jan. 19, 2007, in Clovis.

“During the investigation of the kidnapping, Miranda went well beyond her call of duty by taking Marissa Graham under her wing as if she was one of her own. It was something special to watch Miranda calm and comfort the young victim until her own mother arrived from Oklahoma,” District Attorney Matt Chandler said in the release.

The annual award is given to an advocate working with a district attorney who has shown his or her ability, “to go above and beyond as a powerful advocate for victims of violent crime within their district,” the release said.