Sept. 12, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Local youth showed respect, talent

I operate a baseball league in Lubbock.

Coach Drooper Greenwalt, Jay Kelley and others got a group of 11-and-under boys together from the Clovis area to play in our league.

They were wide-eyed youngsters ranging in age from 8 to 12 and in height from 4-foot-nothing to nearly 6 feet.

They finished 6-6, in the middle of the pack, but what they lacked in domination they made up for in heart, class and character.

In 30-plus years of youth sports, I’ve never seen a group of kids so competitive — these boys don’t like to lose — while also having so much class and character.

They are a credit to their schools, their communities and their families.

They were respectful and encouraging toward their teammates, to the opposition and to the interested observers.

And these kids can play some baseball. They faced some strong competition and stood to-to-toe with all of them and never backed down. (Not even the “little man,” my new hero, 8-year old Cam Kuykendall. He seemed to have no business