Musical thriller comes to New Mexico

Courtesy photo Sweeney Todd will premiere at the Spencer Theater in Alto on Sept. 18.

Freedom New Mexico

The Spencer Theater brings Broadway to the mountains.

The first show of the season is Sweeney Todd, a 2006 Tony Winning musical thriller about a barber who robs and kills his wealthy customers.

Set in London, the story was made into a Tony award-winning Broadway musical in 1979. In 2006, John Doyle revived the musical and it spent time on Broadway.

The Spencer Theater is bringing the revived Sweeney Todd to New Mexico for the show’s premiere before it embarks on a nine-month tour around the country.

Kathleen McDonald, the Spencer Theater publicist, said that the theater sought out the play for the 2008-2009 season because people like it.

“It’s a number of people’s favorite musical,” she said. “And the new version is compelling.”

McDonald said the edited play draws the audience into the action immediately.

“It’s almost claustrophobic how quickly you are drawn into it,” McDonald said.

The publicist also said the new play’s actors are also the musicians.

“The instruments the actor plays showcases the character itself,” she said.

What: Sweeney Todd

When: Sept. 18-19

Where: Spencer Theater in Alto

Cost: $53-$59