Meetings watch: CMS Board of Education

The Clovis Municipal Schools board of education held a campus visitation meeting Tuesday at Yucca Middle School. This is a report on the meeting.

• Board members were addressed about upcoming vehicle and equipment purchases. No action was taken.

Items included on the list included four buffers, four water vaccums, a forklift, two commercial lawnmowers and two Chevy Suburbans.

Joel Shirley, deputy superintendent of operations for the school district, said many of the purchases were safety issues. The district had a forklift, for example, with improperly functioning brakes and fluid leaks.

In many examples, Shirley said, equipment purchases would provide 20 to 25 years of usage.

“These kinds of things, with that kind of life, are less expensive than one injury,” Shirley said, adding that work-arounds on outdated equipment also lower efficiency.

• Board member Max Best asked how the district could save money on travel costs, like buying a small activities bus or a few sport utility vehicles instead of transporting 15 students on a 40-passenger bus.

Shirley said the difference in fuel efficiency and unit price wasn’t significant with the smaller buses, and passengers in a school bus are usually much safer in accidents than passengers in other vehicles.

Superintendent Rhonda Seidenwurm said part of the money for the vehicles exists due to funds acquired when departments are charged mileage for the use of school vehicles.

Shirley said all vehicles, except for a bucket truck, are budgeted items and he would have more detailed information on vehicles for the Sept. 23 school board meeting.

• Yucca Principal Alan Dropps gave a tour of the school and outlined various programs at the middle school, including a Cannon Air Force Base mentoring program.

An ethnic breakdown of the student population at Yucca Middle School:

• Hispanic — 265

• Caucasian — 260

• African-American — 37

• Asian — 12

• Native American — 9

• Total — 583