Aug. 31, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Who’s really in charge of our jail?

Clovis has finally done it — made national news for all the wrong reasons.

I’m sure many Clovis residents are asking the same questions:

• How can eight inmates escape through a roof without detention center officers noticing?

• How is it that a convicted murderer can still be in the county jail and not in the state penitentiary?

Curry County needs to have a house cleaning of employees. There have been jail officers arrested on drug charges and now incompetent officers in charge of criminals who find it easy to escape.

Who’s in charge here? The criminals or the detention officers?

The person in charge of hiring for the county jail should be fired. That person evidently has no skills at this job or we wouldn’t have the continual problem of hiring incompetent people.

Thanks to the Clovis police for their diligence in alerting jail staff to the escape.

Susan Hubby