Pair of letters show Clovis history

By Don McAlavy: CNJ Columnist

This columnist, Don McAlavy, has two letters that Norvell G. Tate and W.H. “Bill” Duckworth wrote to each other in 1934.

The first letter was from N.G. Tate of Albuquerque, June 25, 1934.

“Mr. W. H. Duckworth, Clovis, New Mexico. Dear Sir; I am attempting a thesis for a master’s degree at the University of New Mexico on the subject, “A Brief History of Curry County.” A good friend of yours and of mine told me that you had an abundance of material on that subject.

If you would be so kind as to lend me whatever you have along that line I will pay the postage both ways and assure you that I will be returned to you in good condition.

If you wish some reference before sending it out, I give you the following names: J. M. Bickley, S.A. Jones,