Odd food preferences run in family

By Karl Terry: PNT managing editor

Foods and the way we eat them may say a lot about us. Lately they’ve been screaming a lot about me from just above my belt.

Some recipes, concoctions and combinations are specific to extended families and maybe even certain areas. You know what I’m talking about. Every family has a few delicacies they were raised enjoying that tend to raise eyebrows if not turn stomachs of others.

I thought a lot of these odd food cravings were specific to just my immediate family but then I’ve found out that cousins know and enjoy the same pleasures.

A few of those things that may be specific to my family include:

• Catsup on our eggs — Fried or scrambled they’re best covered in catsup. The combination is also colorful on the plate.

• Cornbread and sweet milk — For those who don’t know any better, sweet milk is just regular whole milk as opposed to buttermilk. Cornbread and sweet milk is prepared using leftover cornbread that is crumbled into a glass. Mayonnaise — a tablespoon or two — is added, milk is poured over the cornbread and then you salt and pepper to taste. Mix it up and it’s like a country milkshake.

• Peanut butter and syrup —