South squads fall in all-star games

By Eric Butler: CNJ correspondent

Some coaches are lucky enough to coach their own kids in the last
regular game of a high school career. Texico’s Richard Luscombe and
Clovis’ J.D. Isler took it a step further on Thursday.

Both got to coach their sons in an all-star game to cap their time
together on the court. Luscombe was the coach for the South, which
included Courtland Luscombe, in the Class 1A-2A All-Star game in
Albuquerque while Isler led his son Jaden and another group of South
stars in the 4A-5A North/South Clash at The Pit.

The South came up short in both contests however as the North earned
the 1A-2A contest 65-61 and then won the big schools game by a 117-101
count. But no one was really that unhappy in the end.

“I think, obviously, they kind of remembered the disappointment,”
said J.D. Isler of the Clovis players – his son, Bryce Hill and Layne
Strebeck – that joined him on the South squad. “But I think they were
excited to play in The Pit again and they all got along really well.”

Clovis fell to Hobbs in the Class 5A state championship game on the same floor four months ago.

“It was interesting to see how the Hobbs and Clovis players were
going to get along, but they really got along well and it was neat to