A view from under the pew: the sea-faring amos

By Gary Mitchell: Religion columnist

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

the sea-faring amos

boss i heard about
another amos who was
a seafaring mouse
he played tippy-toe with
the ocean waves then he
built himself a strong
little raft – such a
sturdy seaworthy craft
it was – and off he
sailed without a fuss

that sea-going amos
was a resourceful cuss
he loaded his raft
if you please with
stacks and stacks and
gobs of cheese – he said
as he sailed the seven
seas i m the happiest
little mouse there be
in such a setting as
all of these – the gusty
wind the rolling seas
the deep blue sky my
sturdy ship and all my
cheddar cheese – ah –
life is but a breeze

but that of course boss
was before he headlong
was tossed into the
salty brine and was lost
amid the waves the fish
and an albatross

oh woe is me says he
here i am in the depths of
the sea – and i know it s
a thousand times deeper
than me – oh woe is me
woe is me

just then boss amos sees
a big black mountain with
two wide eyes popping up
alone in the sea – and
out of the mountain spurts
this big tall fountain –
it was a whale named
boris – you remember
the story of course

what s all this moaning
and groaning i hear
says he

it s me and i m about
to drown in the sea
don t you see says
amos tearfully

oh is that so silly soul
says boris turning over
with a gentle roll
wanna catch a ride
and sail along with
the tide
you can hang onto my
side or climb up my
back and slide
you can dance on my
tail you can flip on
my fin when you ve
got a whale for a pal
you re friends to the end

you know boss boris
is sort of a picture of
jesus – he rescues us
from the sea of sin
and despair – but
most of all he s a
friend to the end – and
he washes away our
every care

p s – i guess you noticed
that i took some liberties
with the story of my
sea-going namesake by
stretching the analogy
of boris to do some major
spiritualizing there at
the end –

but i hope this doesn t
jeopardize that supply
of stale doughnut crumbs
you sometimes leave
for me