Alcohol sales being considered by Texico officials

By CNJ staff writer: Gabriel Monte

Texico city officials are looking into allowing alcohol sales in the city.

Proponents say alcohol sales could increase city revenues. Detractors say burdens outweigh benefits.

The idea was brought up last month during a roundtable discussion regarding the city’s budget, according to Texico City Clerk Carolyn Johnson. She said the budget has been impacted because of high fuel costs and more revenue is needed to avoid cutbacks.

“It was just an idea thrown out to generate revenue,” she said.

She said the idea was brought up only during the roundtable discussion and has not been introduced in city council meetings.

“We’re looking at it, it’s a viable option at this time,” said City Councilman and Personnel Director Doug Scioli.

He said alcohol sales in the city could increase revenues.

“My opinion is we need to bring in what revenues we can,” he said. “Everybody drives through Texico to get their beer, why not stop there?”

Some say the city should look into other means of increasing its revenue.

First Baptist Church of Texico Pastor Rob Hollis said alcohol sales in Texico might increase revenues, but its social impact would not benefit the city.

“There are other things that we could do that would be more profitable,” he said. “I don’t think alcohol is the answer.”

A proposal to allow alcohol sales by the package in neighboring Bailey County in Texas will be on the general election ballot in November.