June 22, 2008 Club Notes

Encanto Garden Club

The Encanto Garden Club attended its annual pilgrimage on June 10 by visiting the grounds belonging to Nick and Nancy Fischer.

The Fischers moved to Curry County seven years ago from Colorado and have done extensive landscaping on their four-acre property. There are more than hundred trees of various types on the property.

After a sack lunch, chairperson Barbara Voges presided over the business meeting.

Plans for the maintenance of the Curry County Flower Show booth were discussed. Elsie Dean was named as superintendent.

All members were encouraged to beware of the rules for entries in the horticulture department as stated in the fair book, which will be available at the extension office in mid-July.

Guest welcomed were Val Gough and Ruth-Ellen Dunn.

The next meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m., July 8 at the home of Elsie Dean.

Club information: Barbara Voges, 763-7661.