A view from under the pew: Dear amos

By Gary Mitchell: Religion columnist

Editor’s note: One of Amos’ favorite fans, his little niece, Annie Marie, wrote him a letter just after reading Amos’ Father’s Day column last week, and sentimental Amos has requested that we print this in place of his regular column. It was penned under the inspiration of Gary Mitchell’s daughter, Mara Andrews. Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboard, but he can’t operate the capital shift keys, and he shuns punctuation marks – except dashes and hyphens.

dear amos

hi uncle
i m writing
to wish you
a happy
father s day

even though
you re not
even my
dad and
even though
it s not
even father s
day anymore

but you
always knew
i was a
little off
smiley face
here uncle

anyway the
reason i m
writing about
father s day
is i just got
to thinking about
what strong
christian mice
dad and granddad
are and how
they seem to
always set a
good example

like the
time when
papa picked
me up from
marshall mouse
junior high
and took
me to get
a bite of
and then
he shared
jesus christ s
love right
then and there
with the waitress

and amid
her tears of joy
she invited him
into her heart

he made it
look so easy
to share with
someone about
god s great love

and then
there were
the times
early in the
before the
sun was even up
and my sleepy
eyes would
catch a glimpse
of a matchstick
lit far away
where my dad
was on bended knee

from early on
he taught me
of the power
of prayer

i ve been so
blessed to
have such
praise worthy
influence in
my life

and then
there s you
with your
lifting my

and after
thinking about
these great mice
in my life
it got me
that father s day
shouldn t just
be for dads
but for all
who point us
to the father

so thank you
for being
another good
example in
my life and for
showing me
what a christian
mouse s life
should look like


p s sorry for not
being as eloquent
as you but after all
those papers on
shakespeare and steinbeck
and tolstoy in college
it s a wonder i can
still write at all
smiley face here