DWI checkpoints: In-your-face confrontations

A recent Project: Reader Reaction question asked whether DWI checkpoints are the most effective means of preventing alcohol-related accidents.


• “I don’t mind getting stopped, even though I don’t drink, if it will catch those few that do drink and drive. Of course, the state police could be more useful doing other things, but what is our priority?”
— Ardyth Elms

• “By having these checkpoints we have our officers visible with in-your-face confrontations. We not only cut down on DWI, but also they are catching other criminals that normally would go undetected. A visible law enforcement agency is a successful agency.”
— Doug McGregor

• “If DUI arrests are declining, then good for the state. But I’d like to see the statistics on the nightly checkpoints to gauge their efficacy. …”
— Bill Zarges

• “The resources being put to use are being used wisely in my opinion. I have seen results at the sobriety checkpoints. I do believe the checkpoints should be rotated more often (and) perhaps even have two in one night, just different locations.”
— Christian Heller

• “I don’t think more checkpoints will reduce the number of drunken drivers.