VA struggles to meet patient needs

VA struggles to meet patient needs

Veterans’ medical facilities in our region are completely overloaded
and administrators are lax in hiring enough qualified personnel and
keeping on top of ongoing problems.

When it takes two to three months for an appointment and you are
ill, that is too long — especially when you have to travel 100-plus
miles to the Veterans Affairs hospital in Amarillo or 200-plus miles to
the VA in Albuquerque.

You could die waiting for an appointment and nobody would know about it.

The VA clinic in Clovis is very overloaded. They are not close to
having enough staff. The personnel they have do a great job, but the
doctor is overloaded with patients. Sometimes they tend to be short
with you, but I can understand why. They work very hard and should be
commended for the job they do.

I do hope more veterans write in and voice their opinions and the government will not keep cutting veterans’ benefits and care.

Veterans deserve the best of care, not the least.

Jack A. Peachey


Show of gratitude appreciated

After attending a Memorial Day service, my husband and I went to lunch at a Clovis restaurant. My husband was in uniform.

When it came time to pay the bill, the waiter told us a gentleman behind us was going to pay instead.

I want to thank that man and his family. I don’t know their names.
It shows how kind and grateful people are toward our military.

Leslie Strang