Yearbook issue needs civility

Some say they’re courageous defenders of diversity — a few kids leading the city of Clovis into the 21st Century against hateful bigots who don’t want change.

Others say their actions were inappropriate, irresponsibly promoting an “abhorrent lifestyle” as normal when it really “goes against God’s laws.”
Clovis High School yearbook staff members respond by asking, “What’s the big deal?” They say they were just reflecting the student population when they included two gay couples in a feature on dating that also included nine heterosexual couples.
We agree with the student journalists.

Gay people live in Clovis. Gay people attend public schools. Clovis Municipal Schools didn’t cause this to happen; its student journalists simply acknowledged the obvious.

Some residents are so outraged they have threatened to withhold support from Clovis Municipal Schools and plan to express their disgust with school officials who allowed this to happen.

And gay-rights supporters vow they will defend the students and administrators against any “homophobic backlash” they’re facing from “Christians.”

Instead of having a level-headed, face-to-face, civil discussion, both sides already have suggested a lawsuit might be filed. Now isn’t that a sure sign perspective and common sense are victims already?

As of Monday afternoon, this topic had attracted 140 anonymous comments on our Web site — a record for any topic —- and many are laced with venomous attacks on