Reporter’s Notebook: Students trot to school

Fort Sumner seniors Chase Longo and Jacob West protested the rising gas prices Monday by abandoning their pick up trucks and traveling to school atop their trusty steeds, Ding-A-Ling and Duh.

According to West and Longo, the idea for the protest started quite some time ago. Longo had been discussing the idea for a school-wide gas protest with his English teacher Pamela Richards, but there was not enough time to get everyone involved. West’s inspiration for the ride originated from rebellious reasons.

“My dad said that I should drive my truck less, because of the cost of gas. So I threatened, ‘Fine. Then I will just ride my horse to school everyday.’ Then, I was bet $15 dollars that I wouldn’t do it, so at that point it was a done deal,” West said.

Longo and West said they rode 6 and 8 miles respectively to school.

“We met in town and rode into school together. We did it because it was fun and a nice day to ride, but we also wanted to make a point about the gas prices,” Longo said.

The horses were put into an awaiting trailer when they arrived at school.

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