Motherhood entails all sorts of job skills

Freedom New Mexico

Consider this a rhetorical gift to all the moms out there:

The term “working mother” is redundant.

Please understand we mean no disrespect to anyone.

Women who have to balance children and careers face formidable challenges.

It’s just that the combination of the words “working” and “mother” sort of implies that a mom who doesn’t have a spot on a payroll lacks a vocation.

On behalf of mothers (and fathers) everywhere, we beg to differ.

Parenthood itself is work.

If you don’t agree, just think about the daily interactions between parents and children. Raising a kid involves the use of many skill sets, including (but by no means limited to):

• teacher

• coach

• counselor

• financial planner

• driving instructor

• and, for the accident-prone child, emergency medical technician.

We would argue that every mother can be thought of as a working mother, because parenting qualifies as a job — as they used to say in the military recruiting ads, the toughest job you’ll ever love.

So here’s to moms, and all the hard work they do, regardless of whether it’s the kind that shows up on a W-2 form.

We can’t offer a day off from motherhood, but we can wish all a happy Mother’s Day.