Family best gift of all

CNJ staff photo: Tony Bullocks Margarette Forrest, 91, enjoyed making meals for her family on Mother’s Day.

By Keely McDowell: CNJ staff writer

The Laurel Ridge Healthcare facility is home to many mothers including Maurine Winkles, 92, and Margarette Forrest, 91.

Both women said the best Mother’s Day gift is the time spent with their families.

“My children have always tried to be with me on Mother’s Day,” said Margarette Forrest, a mother of five with 10 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren. “We get together and have a meal. I loved getting to make a special dinner for my family,”

Margarette’s son, Johnny Forrest, said the family is going to try to get together this year as well.

“My mother is a very generous woman. She has always tried to be fair with her finances and her time. Every Mother’s Day she would work extra hard to make a meal for me and the other four kids. She always cooked for us,” he said.

Maurine Winkles, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother said, “I have had a lot of great Mother’s Days. The gifts don’t need to be perfect or expensive. The thoughts are the most important.”

Maurine’s son Dwayne Winkles of Lubbock, said there is one gift he gave his mother he will never forget.

”In the 70s I was doing the black-powder (photography) shooting, and I went and had some pictures made in black and white. With everyone (in the photo) dressed up in costumes.”

He said he brought the proofs home for his mother to pick one she wanted, but she said she didn’t want one.

“But I had an 18-by-24 inch made and framed, and it hung in their house until they moved to the (nursing) home,” Dwayne bragged. “She never moved it. She kept it in the same place for all of those years.”