County Commission District 4 Profile: Lisa Dunagan

Courtesty photo Lisa Dunagan is a District 4 County Commission candidate

Editor’s note: The CNJ sent out a questionnaire to candidates
running for county positions up for election. Candidates had a 300
word-limit for each question and their responses are published as

Lisa K. Dunagan

Party affiliation: Republican

Age: 39

Occupation: Banker

Previous elected offices: None

What is your long-term vision for the county? And how will you plan for that?

Curry County can be more … We should be one of the leading counties
of the state. This county is growing and becoming the economic hub for
the East side of the state. We should step up to this responsibility
and more so the opportunity by capitalizing on all the positive
momentum we have enjoyed over the last several years. We need to manage
this growth and our resources to attain the best return on the county’s
assets allowing us to become more self-sufficient.

Are you in favor of zoning or creating an ordinance to clean up the county?

These are two different issues. Zoning is to designate a region, type or structure of an area. An ordinance is a rule or law.

Zoning seems to be an alarming word to everyone. I believe there is
a misconception about zoning as being something that will take away the
rights of landowners, however, it is the opposite it will protect
landowners and provide the county a necessary tool to address issues
that may jeopardize our quality of life. The county currently does not
have any tools to address environmental or safety issues in our county.
As this county continues to grow and evolve, zoning may be something the
commission should seriously weigh the pros and cons by listening to the
concerns of all of us and finding the best solutions.

An ordinance to cleanup the county is subjective and based on the
perception of people. Creating a fair and equal way to address the
issue is still subjective. An ordinance to help address hazardous
issues that are preventing others from enjoying their right to quality
of life should be part of the county’s tools. As for the cleanup issue,
I believe this great community should come together as we have shown
many times in the past, to assist in the cleanup of these areas as many
do not have the money, equipment, or labor to do so.