District 2 candidate profile: Alan Sumrall

Courtesty photo Alan Sumrall is a District 2 County Commission candidate.

Alan Glen Sumrall

Age: 58

Occupation: Farmer/Rancher

Previous elected offices: 9 years Curry County Fair Board; 2 terms
Grady School Board; elected twice as President of New Mexico Wheat
Growers Association; currently Treasurer of Curry County Mounted Patrol

What is your long-term vision for the county? And how will you plan for that?

My long-term vision for the county includes financial security,
adequate water, and promoting steady economic growth. Financially, we
need to take care of our budget responsibilities so that we ensure we
are spending taxpayers’ money in a fiscally responsible manner. I
support the continued efforts towards building the Ute Water Pipeline.
I support looking at all other available ways to conserve water for
future residential, agricultural and industrial uses. I support
attracting businesses and manufacturers that don’t use large quantities
of water.

Are you in favor of zoning or creating an ordinance to clean up the county?

I am not in favor of zoning laws in the county. I do support other
beautification efforts for the entrances to Clovis such as planting
trees and clean-up teams.

What do you think the county should do to address water conservation?

I will support voluntary conservation efforts for residential users,
but still support personal property rights. Residential users account
for only five percent of all water use in the county, so mandating
residential restrictions would literally be just a drop in the bucket.
For agriculture, farmers already conserve water the best they can, and
mandating restrictions on agricultural use would only result in
increasing food prices.

What do you consider the county’s greatest need today? And how should we resolve that issue?

The county’s greatest need is to be in better control of its finances.
The detention centers (adult and juvenile) account for forty-four
percent of the county budget. We have to make sure we are as efficient
as possible in our spending, while still carrying out the detention
centers’ roles to house those charged with and convicted of crimes.

What is your stance on alcohol sales at the Curry County Special Events Center?

I do not support allowing alcohol sales at the County Events Center. I
don’t want alcohol to be sold at functions where children are in
attendance that are intended to be family entertainment. This is not a
restriction of people’s personal choices to drink, but there are plenty
of other places to go to drink alcohol. In addition, allowing alcohol
sales will expose the county to more liability, which means an increase
in insurance premiums and/or the potential for devastating losses in a

What can county commissioners do to avoid any more “unaccounted for”
funds in light of the money missing from the 2007 county fair?

The county may need to adopt more stringent controls of any funds
received or paid. I support implementing the suggestions from the
recent State Auditor’s report on the missing funds. There should also
be only one person in charge of the fair funds who is totally
accountable for all transactions.

— Compiled by CNJ Staff Writer Gabriel Monte