April 6, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Golf enthusiasts encouraged to act

Are we going to stand by as the Clovis Municipal Golf Course is abused?
Golfers need to get involved.
The building is in disrepair, needs painting and the roof leaks. The irrigation system is not effective. The equipment is outdated. The labor force is too small.
• Why? There is no money?
• Why? Because the revenues are taken away and used for other Parks and Recreation expenses?
• Why? Because golf is not a priority of city officials.
Our municipal course is one of the oldest in New Mexico and has been highly rated. I am concerned things will not improve until we as golfers get involved and make it happen.
Do you want a quality golf course? Do you think it is important? Don’t complain to the person behind the counter in the pro shop about the shape of the course. Tell the city commissioners and the mayor.

Betty Hodge

America in trouble with Democratic candidate
Boy, oh boy. Aside from his long-standing (and continuing) association with the anti-American, Jeremiah Wright, the list of despicable, sleazy characters supporting and endorsing Barack Hussein Obama just keeps getting better and better.
First, Ted Kennedy. Then, John Kerry. And now, my personal favorite: His Majesty, Bill Richardson.
I can barely stop laughing long enough to breathe when I hear that people couldn’t figure out why it took so long for King Bill to announce his endorsement of the Democrat candidate.
Anyone who doesn’t know that he was simply waiting to see which way his train was moving to jump on, isn’t familiar with Bill’s M.O.
Equally hilarious is everyone’s astonishment that he betrayed his buddies (the king and queen of pathological lying), the Clintons. Please.
Bill Richardson’s only loyalty is to himself. Obama presented King Bill with the best prospect of becoming vice president. End of story.
Regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, we are dangerously close to being completely consumed with Socialist liberal hysteria. We’re headed toward nationalized banking, socialized medicine, the perpetuation of the global warming hoax, and on and on.
People need to get out a history book (preferably an old one that actually documents truth) and read it.
Wherever it’s been tried, Socialism failed — miserably.
If the political climate continues in the direction it’s presently headed, we might as well rename our great nation The Union of Socialist States of America.
The people in this country better wake up in a hurry. Our overlords are working overtime.

Glenda Bly

Volunteers could help zoo’s residents

Regarding Wednesday’s story about someone feeding chili peppers to the monkeys at the zoo:
I’ll bet many people would be happy to take turns observing at the zoo, to be sure no cruelty to the animals occurs again.
If they decide to ask for volunteers, count me in.

Sally Lowry