Santa Fe law partner running for Udall’s seat

By Sarah Meyer: CNJ staff writer

Republican Marco Gonzales, a partner in a Santa Fe law firm, is running for the 3rd Congressional District. He worked as a defense aide to Sen. Pete Domenici, R-NM, for 10 years. He said this experience, along with his education, will serve him well in the office being vacated by Rep. Tom Udall, D-NM. Udall is running for Domenici’s seat.

With six Democrats and one other Republican vying for the office, Gonzales said, “We can ill afford to send somebody to Washington who cannot hit the ground running on Day 1.”

Gonzales advocates prayer in public schools and display of the Ten Commandments in public places.

“I think a lot of people agree our country suffers greatly because we’ve moved away from many of the principles the Founding Fathers based this nation on,” he said.

Here is his take on several current issues:

Water: The Ute Water Project is critical to the future of Roosevelt, Quay and Curry counties. Many people have worked many years to put together a plan. I would help to every degree to get it implemented.

Water is our most precious resource. We need to take a careful look at water usage and make sure it’s not abused. We need to do everything we can to protect the water supply that we have.

Cannon Air Force Base: The most important thing is to make sure military construction funding necessary to bed down the Special Operations Wing is funded in whole.

Immigration: We should be concerned about all our borders; we shouldn’t be singling out one area or class. First, we need to secure our borders. That doesn’t mean building a fence. It means getting serious about the detection of illegal immigrants crossing the border when it occurs. It will take more manpower and the integrated use of technology to accomplish the mission.

Economy: I think a lot of people are hurting. They’re having to work harder and being able to afford less. The U.S. Congress needs to focus on the problems on Main Street as much as the problems on Wall Street. The backbone of New Mexico’s economy is small business. We need to prevent an increase in income taxes and encourage investment.

War in Iraq: The war in Iraq has been misguided, mismanaged and poorly planned under Donald Rumsfeld. When President Bush got rid of Rumsfeld, it was the best decision he made. We all want peace in Iraq. I’d like to see the troops come home as soon as it is practical. The Iraqi government needs to step up to the plate of governing their own country more quickly. We should intensify our diplomatic efforts to help them do so.