Pelosi’s Olympic request selective

By Kevin Wilson: CNJ Columnist

When Nancy Pelosi is featured on SportsCenter, it somehow gets my attention.

The California Democrat and Speaker of the House is turning her attention to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and to President George W. Bush. She’s calling on Bush to boycott the opening ceremony of the Olympics to make a political statement.

“If freedom-loving people don’t speak out against China’s oppression of people in Tibet,” Pelosi said last week on Good Morning America, “we have lost all moral authority to speak out against any oppressed people.”

You can’t compare it to the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, because Pelosi believes American athletes have earned the right to compete and she’s not calling for boycotting anything beyond the opening ceremonies.

However, I think another more recent comparison is appropriate, and it makes me ask, “Um, Nancy, where were you 10 months ago?”

Let’s go back in time, when we were young and innocent, and every Democrat except Pelosi seemed to be running a presidential campaign.