Four apply for Sunday alcohol sales

CNJ Staff

Applebee’s, Chili’s and the American Legion Post 25 have been approved for Sunday alcohol sales, according to the state regulation and licensing department.

Robin Howe, manager of Chili’s, said the restaurant is waiting to receive its permit from Santa Fe. Sunday alcohol sales will begin the Sunday after the permit is received, he said.

No local manager was available Thursday at Applebee’s.

Dakota Steakhouse’s has applied for a permit.

Clovis voters passed a proposal to allow Sunday alcohol sales by the glass in a March 4 municipal election.

Businesses need to pay a $100 fee to apply for the Sunday permit, according to Robert Hagan, New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department Public Information Officer.

The ordinance became official when the city submitted to the state the certified results of the March 4 municipal election, according to City Manager Joe Thomas.