Clovis character shows off court

By Mike Thomson: Guest columnist

When my son was 2, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Because of this, he has to spend time in the hospital receiving treatments every now and then. These treatments can last up to two weeks and can be very draining for a child. Especially when that child is a 9-year-old boy and would rather be outside playing.

Before my son was admitted in the hospital recently, we were planning on taking him to the big Clovis vs. Hobbs game. This was going to be his first basketball game, and he was very disappointed when he could not go.

This letter, however, is not about my son, but rather the example of character he witnessed the other night. He received a very special visit from the Clovis High School varsity basketball team and their coach, J.D. Isler.

When that group of young men walked in his room, that little boy lit up. The team came in and brought Jacob a basketball, a shirt and gave him “high fives” and took some pictures with him. They were so polite and caring that it made a huge impact on Jacob. He said that when he gets a chance to play sports, he is going to make sure he goes to see kids in the hospital as well.

It was so touching to see these young athletes take time out of their own schedules, time away from practice and their families to come and put a smile on a young boy’s face.

It is easy to see why this team has had the strong season it has had.

I truly want to commend them and thank them for their act of kindness. My family and I will never forget that moment.

This is what our Character Counts program is all about — when a group of young athletes will take time to give back to their community and be honorable examples to future Wildcats. It is a brilliant example of what they are being taught by their teachers, coaches and other mentors throughout our town.

This is what truly makes Clovis, Clovis. This is why I am so proud to be a former Wildcat and a member of this community.

Mike Thomson works for Clovis Municipal Schools. Contact him at: