Tuesday highest Clovis voter turnout in six years

CNJ staff

A combination of races resulted in Clovis’ highest voter turnout in six years.

A total of 5,303 voters took part in Tuesday’s city election, 33.6 percent of the 15,764 total registered voters.

City Clerk LeighAnn Melancon said the mayor’s race, won by Gayla Brumfield, combined with four city commission races and a successful ballot issue to allow by-the-glass alcohol sales on Sundays gave voters many reasons to come to the polls.

She wasn’t sure if the mayor’s race or the alcohol question drew more voters.

“It’s hard to say,” Melancon said. “I think it was a combination of both of them. It was probably more those than the commissioner races.”

The closest race was in District 3, where incumbent commissioner Robert Sandoval defeated Fidel Madrid 350-238. Melancon said with those numbers, she doubts any candidate will seek a recount.

In 2002, 34.9 percent of registered voters took part. Melancon said that turnout was influenced by the municipal judge race, when the position went from a part-time to full-time position.

The vote is the second-highest turnout since 1996.