Music can help in healing

By Teddy Draper: Guest columnist

This is part of a series in which local columnists share their love for music in celebration of “Music in Our Schools Week” at Clovis Municipal Schools.

Music is important in my life because it makes me feel better in different ways.

One way music makes me feel better is when I’m stressed, angry or something is on my mind.

I’ll make up songs or sing. It’s better than taking these feelings out on family or friends.

Music calms me down by the melodies and the rhythms because they just flow with everything.

I first got into music in kindergarten. My first music program was in first grade. It was about bugs and I was a butterfly. I’ve done programs ever since.

The best singing I’ve ever done was singing to the residents in retirement homes with honor choir.

My music teacher, (Stephanie) Seifert, first inspired me to join music because her voice was so beautiful. I can say other teachers also have inspired me because I’m still involved in music.

I’m in groups such as honor choir and ambassador choir. These teachers inspired me by making music so interesting and unique.

Music is always going to be in my life because I love it so much.
I hope I have inspired you to join.

Music isn’t all about how it sounds. It’s about how much you care for it. You really have to put your mind into it because otherwise, you won’t ever understand it. You don’t have to like music, but by reading this article, I hope you see music in a different way now.

Teddy Draper is a sixth-grade student at James Bickley Elementary School.