‘I was the best around’

With Valentine’s Day on Thursday, editors have been asking readers, “How did you meet your spouse?”

• Raymond Atchley’s reply: “I unknowingly had seen Esther on the peripheral of my life since 1977 for sure and maybe earlier.

“Her family and my ex-wife’s family had been fairly close and she also worked at Clovis Memorial Hospital with the wife of my good friend and fellow police officer the late Dan Shultz.

“I really became enthralled with her while in the process of trying to play matchmaker and find her someone who would make her a great husband. Bless her heart, I concluded I was the best around.”

• Doug McGregor’s reply: “Dragging Main Street in the ’70s.”

• Gerald Majewski’s reply: “I met my wife while working in the post office in Milwaukee, Wis. She was coming around with cookies. … She was doing this because another girl was wanting to find out more information about me as I was just reinstated while returning from my first hitch in the Air Force.”

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