Feb. 10, 2008 Letters to the Editor

Clinton misgivings lack substance
Regarding the Feb. 7 CNJ editorial “Clinton threat to core principle of freedom:”
I must agree that in their willingness to support a war of aggression against Iraq, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are more of the same.

But as to the remainder of the piece, I have few questions:

Why is Sen. Clinton’s desire to exchange the expenses of that war for those of a national health care plan threatening to our freedom?

Why is the maiming and killing of foreign nationals and our own soldiers on the other side of the world regarded as “good for the business sector” while healing and caring for our own citizens seems to be written off as a total loss?

Granted the government may be no more efficient at healing people than killing them, but wouldn’t we rather try to be constructive than destructive?

How is my freedom threatened by knowing my family’s health care needs will not impoverish me? Why do we provide health care for our public servants and public employees but refuse it to ourselves?

Why are the citizens of Canada, Britain and France less free with free or inexpensive health care? Why do they have average life spans three years longer than ours?

Why aren’t Canadians fleeing their frozen tundra and the persecution of their health care system to live in such a temple of freedom as ours?

How would American businesses be disadvantaged by having health care costs handled nationally?

Is this a country “of the rich, by the rich and for the rich” like the owners of Freedom Newspapers or do we have some say as to whether we will be eaten alive by the big fish?

Are you whistling past the graveyard when you prematurely write off Sen. Obama’s presidential campaign?

Aren’t these some things that need to change?

Charles J. Plath

Brother’s conviction outrages family
Leroy Jaramillo is an innocent man who was convicted of child abuse resulting in death (“Man convicted in Clovis baby death,” Jan. 26 CNJ).

My brother’s family and friends were infuriated with the outcome of this case.
Evidence that could have cleared my brother was not presented. The state even brought in a convicted felon to testify against him.

I am sickened by the result of this case. My brother is a caring, loving and respectable son, father, brother and uncle. He has three children of his own who have never been abused or mistreated in any way.

It is one thing to accuse a person if you see him or her commit a crime, but to accuse a person of such a horrific crime on hearsay is a complete outrage.

Lorrie Jaramillo

Caucus complaints legitimate
Pursuant to the critical Associated Press article, “NM still too close to call,” in Thursday’s CNJ:

I’m prompted to praise Brian Colon, the state chairman of the Democratic Party, for gallantly accepting the responsibility for the various misjudgments causing voters unreasonable delays in casting their ballots on Tuesday.

Without the proverbial crystal ball, no one could have predicted the enormity of the potential challenge that the planners and organizers faced.

As Curry County’s caucus site manager, I fell heir to the legitimate complaints of many voters here who stood in line too long.

I apologize to all for not anticipating the magnitude of the what-if scenario and for not planning accordingly.

It is only fair to also point out to the registered Democrats of Curry County that there were many volunteers who spent hours before, during and after the seven hours the site was open so that all would have the opportunity to vote.

If there are problems next time I promise that delays standing in line won’t be one of them … if I can help it.

George Lees