Giant lovers

Reader reaction to New York’s 17-14 upset win over New England in Super Bowl XLII on Sunday night.

• “All that I can say is it’s nice to be from NEW YORK. Fantastic.” – Steve Gershon

• “Three boring quarters (if you like offense), but a frantic and fantastic last five minutes. Glad the ’72 Dolphins are STILL the only undefeated team.” – Bill Zarges

• “The game was very good as I put my monopoly money on the Giants all the way, just so they could put the Brady Bunch down a peg. … My congrats to Eli (Manning), who now joins with his brother Payton in being Super Bowl champs two years running. Now maybe next year we will see the Colts and Giants fight it out, which would be a good game, but I also hope that my Packers make one more stab at it prior to (Brett) Favre’s retirement.” – Gerald Majewski

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