Ag trumps technology — good for local economy

Here are some area readers’ views on the economy:

“Clovis has always been rather insulated from the economic swings that affect the rest of the nation because our local economy is based more on agriculture than technology. But as we grow, so will our business and this will gradually make us more susceptible to those events we have only read about.” – Frank Dalton

“We have a stable enough economy that no one will be greatly hurt, but the housing market will cause some people to wince. It is a nice time to buy, but a seller will not make out.” – Bill Gaedke

“I am not concerned about the local economy as we don’t rely entirely on the banking industry or the stock market. We tend to forget how much money the farm and ranch industry, which includes the dairies, bring into the local economy, not to mention the railroad salaries.” – Doug McGregor

“I can say everyone should be concerned about the economy for not only the next six months but even longer – especially our retired folks because they are on a set income.” – Gerald Majewski

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Not sure which presidential candidate is best for America in 2008?

Our editorial pages offer brief summaries on where the candidates stand on individual freedom.

We’re not thrilled with any of the options, but the extremes range from John Edwards – we think he’s basically wrong on everything – to Ron Paul, whose ideas of limited government have earned him the nickname of “Dr. No.”

Freedom Communications editorial writers critique the Democratic contenders in today’s Clovis News Journal. We’ll look at Republicans in Thursday’s paper.

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We’re planning ahead – at least thinking about planning ahead – and starting to compile content for the one-year anniversary of the March 23 tornadoes that caused major damage in Curry, Roosevelt and Quay counties.

We’d like to hear your stories and publish your photos from before, during and after the big winds.

If you’d like to share memories of that scary night:

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