The farmer takes a tractor …

Maria Cheverez of Clovis reports she’s experienced life in 41 countries, but her most memorable cold-weather story took place in Curry County.

“After retiring from the U.S. Army I took on a job as a rural mail carrier,” she wrote in an e-mail.

“… Pushing my way through the snow with my red Jeep, I lost control of it and ended in a ditch. Crawling out of the vehicle through the free door, I walked to the nearest farm house. I noticed a burly man in burnt-mustard color overalls in the barn. I told him about my ordeal and he donned his overcoat and hat and started walking toward a huge tractor, signaling me to jump up into the cab.

“That was very exciting for me. When he made this thing go, I know I had to have had a grin from ear to ear, feeling throughout my body the sway and power of this enormous machine.

“We freed the Jeep from the snow-filled ditch, shook hands and away he went with the usual bobbing and swaying. I stood there watching and thinking about what good fiber this country is made out of.”

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