Red Raiders coach: I’d draft Garcia

We’re working on a story about Clovis High and Texas Tech graduate Joey Garcia, who is working for a shot in the National Football League.

An early interview came with Ruffin McNeill, who’s been with the Red Raiders for eight years and was installed as interim defensive coordinator early in the 2007 season. If he was an NFL general manager, he wouldn’t hesitate to use a draft pick on the 6-foot-1, 220-pound Garcia. He values Garcia’s leadership and intelligence on and off the football field.

He figures Garcia will do well when camps and combines measure Garcia’s 40-yard speed and vertical leap, but he thinks there’s so much more that’s valuable about the Red Raiders’ career tackles leader.

“Football doesn’t totally revolve around those items,” McNeill said. “The tougher the competition, the higher the level of Joe’s play.”

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Texico’s L.J. Jenkins is pictured on Page 22 of the Jan. 14 edition of Sports Illustrated riding a bull during a PBR event in New York City.

Jenkins, 20, finished tied for 11th in the outdoor event. Pennsylvania Station and skyscrapers can be seen in the background.

The 2006 PBR finals champion, Jenkins is 28th in the PBR standings after four events, with prize earnings of $1,722.

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Gerald Majewski is not a fair-weather football fan.

“My team is and always will be the (Green Bay) Packers,” he wrote in an e-mail, “because I grew up in Wisconsin and that’s my team going back to the Vince Lombardi era.”

More responses to an Editors’ Notebook question about the football playoffs:

Ardyth Elms: “Green Bay Packers are my choice to win the NFL playoffs. The reason I like the Packers is because they are one of the only teams who are still owned by the town, not an individual. … (Quarterback Brett) Favre is a tribute, not only to the Packers but to football because of his dedication to the game and his Packers.”

Frank Dalton: “Football? The season’s completely over. With the Seahawks and the Cowboys out, who cares?”

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