Aristotle and Peter Parker

Names: Aristotle and Peter Parker, hermit crabs
Story: Originally, there were Aristotle and Socrates. They were both small hermit crabs. Well, when hermit crabs need to grow, they bury themselves and molt. While molting, according to everything I’ve read, the old skin smells really good. (The crab is supposed to eat it after the molt because it contains tons of vitamins, Gross, Huh?) Well, Aristotle obviously thought that Socrates smelled pretty good, because he dug her up (in the middle of her molt) and ate her. So I went out and bought Peter Parker because he was so much bigger that I was sure Aristotle couldn’t cannibalize him. They have lived together over a year and are seriously cool pets.

Aristotle and Socrates got their names because I like Greek and Roman history. Peter Parker is so named because originally he cross-dressed in a hot pink shell painted with Spiderman on it.

Owner Name: Darlene Cunningham