Letters to the Editor: Fans, players represented Clovis well

Editor’s note: The following letters are referencing Friday’s state-championship football game in which Mayfield defeated Clovis, 49-48, at Leon Williams Stadium.

Friday night was amazing; for that matter, last week was amazing.

You see, I have the honor of working for the Clovis Municipal Schools and was able to participate in the preparation of getting ready for the big game.

The excitement was building all week long. It was extremely motivating to see the pride from my 8-year-old, as well as seeing the guys who take care of the football field show off their hard work with the amazing-looking field.

The most incredible part of the week, of course, was game day. When the gates opened at 4 o’clock, people started filling the stands, reminding me of games played in the past. The stadium was full, from the reserve seats to the much famous “Dog Pound.”

Both sets of fans were cheering from the very minute they took their seats, but most impressive of all was how the fans conducted themselves. Even though the excitement rose to peak levels, everyone remained respectful of what was going on and why we were all gathered.

Clovis may not have won the state championship, but what we did do was win a major victory in “pursuing victory with honor.”

Be proud Clovis. We yet again showed the state who we are!

Mike Thomson

Clovis gridders have come long way this season
Wow, what a magnificent game, full of opportunities to be made and obstacles to overcome.

With all the passes and runs to score, missed scores, kicked points, defensive stands and letdowns, and teams never quitting, this was the highest-scoring, most-exciting championship game I have ever seen.

But this season, this chapter in these young peoples’ lives did not start with the excellence of this final page. It started with poor blocking and tackling, off-target passing, dropped balls, sporadic running and a porous defense. This group of young men worked hard to improve to be a team and become champions to overcome adversities and take opportunities.

I remember some tough losses and then reaching the playoffs tied for the second-worst record of the final eight teams. Clovis wasn’t supposed to win, but became a Cinderella team.

Yes, this team through its hard work, leadership and can-win attitude showed all of us what it takes to be winners in life. This final game, this final page in the chapter of the players’ lives mirrored the whole season and closed on a field of champions.

Wow — what a magnificent game and what a great future for these young men.

Walter Bradley