Abuse recovery services funded

By Sharna Johnson: CNJ staff writer

A federally funded program to provide services and resources for substance abuse recovery will launch soon in Curry County.

Clients will receive vouchers for a myriad of services in the community such as transportation, child care, life skills, job development, spiritual guidance, family support, fitness gym memberships, acupuncture and massage therapy, according to Randy Gomez, director of The Beacon of Light Discipleship program.

Beacon of Light will oversee a central intake center for clients, Gomez said.

The Access to Recovery program is a White House initiative that provides grant money to assist people with drug and alcohol recovery, according to Value Option New Mexico of Albuquerque, which serves New Mexican behavioral health consumers, families and providers.

Value options will oversee a three-year, $14.5 million grant for programs in Santa Fe, Bernalillo, Dona Ana and Curry counties, which were identified as having significant need for drug and alcohol recovery services, Value Options Communication Director Lisa Knapp said.

“It’s a great thing for the community and we’re glad to see ATR go into Curry County,” Knapp said.

Gomez, whose center provides residential and nonresidential faith-based recovery programs, said the grant program is a boost to local addiction treatment.

They have set a goal to serve 50 people per month, he said.

Gomez said he and his staff are working to build a services network and a referral network. They are hopeful entities such as courts, law enforcement, mental health providers and others will refer people to the program.

The program will be operational Dec. 15, he said.

Gomez said he expects the majority of people will need assistance with transportation, childcare and other things to help sustain them.

The program is geared toward people who do not have the financial resources or insurance to get help.

ATR is a client-driven program that works with the individual to tailor services to their unique needs, according to Value Option Intake Coordinator Mark Abeyta.

Clients will go through an assessment at the intake center and their needs will be determined. They are then provided a menu of services to select from, Abeyta said.

The services offered are intended to aid in recovery with a holistic, or body, mind and spirit approach, he said.

“If we can get individuals access to services then that will lay the groundwork to get the (client) engaged in their own recovery and find out which avenue will put them on the road to success,” he said.

Beacon of Light: 763-9510

Services permitted by Access to Recovery program:
Recovery support plan
Pastoral guidance
Traditional healing services
Spiritual support services
Family support services
Indigenous American
Indian/cultural folk healing practices
Physical fitness and well-being
Group/peer support services
Job development
Transportation services
Child Care/school age care services
Auricular acupuncture
Daily living skills
Mentoring services
Intensive case management
Gap fund: Any justifiable and documented expenses related to recovery participation.
Gap case management
Source: www.atrnm.com