Nov. 23, 2007 Amos

Editor’s note: Amos is a churchmouse, who types by hopping on the computer keyboards, but he can’t operate the capital shift, and he shuns punctuation marks — except hyphens and dashes.

amos gives thanks

boss i don t know how life
in downtown whoville
might be around
thanksgiving but life
in bugtussle — the
underground church pew
community — sure ain t
no picnic

who tells the animal
world down here that
thanksgiving is here —
now go out and maim
your fellow animalkind
question mark here boss

yesterday i jumped in
my little cheese-rolet
for a nice evening
drive around bugtussle
full of joy and gratitude
just for being alive
at a beautiful time of
the year

while reflecting on the
wonders of fall
some loon-faced idiot
comes swerving around
pecos bill s bug emporium
and dents my little blue
57 cheesy
i was a little upset boss
it really ruined my nice
little fall reverie

i was hopping up and
down my tail was winding round and round and my whiskers were twitching
up and down this bozo
was about to get a
piece of my mind and
there was plenty to spare

imagine my surprise
boss when the loon-faced
idiot turned out to be
pastor leroy beetle
i m so sorry said he
i was in too much of
a hurry i didn t see
thee at all

i turned about fifty
shades of red right down
to my little pink paw
toenails boss
oh it s okay pastor
leroy says me i was
driving way too slow
for people on the go

let me pay for any
repairs says he
it s the least i can
do for thee and come and have
thanksgiving dinner
with me and the family
say did you see the
lovely fall colors on
the trees and all the
dancing leaves
it s a grand time of
the year don t you

boss i was so
embarrassed but i did
learn a lesson it s easy
to be thankful when
everything is going great
but tough to do when it
ain t
still the lord can make
life better — even amid
the dents and bumps along
the way the cloudy skies
and dreary days through
happy times and dismal
weather bright smiles and
sad letters — as well as those
times when our faces get