Pintores provides Clovis with exceptional evening

By Clyde Davis: Columnist

Last weekend, the Clovis art league, Pintores, was able to play host to an event which showcased local talent, brought together a convivial and charming social event, and most importantly, raised several thousand dollars for scholarship and workshops.

To begin with, the gala art auction was blessed with musical guests of true graciousness and talent. Jane (Begley) Saiede played during the gathering time and the socializing, blending folk, bluegrass and country in an acoustic mix which set just the right tone and atmosphere for artists and guests alike. With a background which includes Austin’s South by Southwest, and a repertoire made up largely of her own original compositions, this Clovis musician provided wonderful atmosphere.

Following Jane, and leading into the auction itself, Portales duo Kevin and Maggie Gardels mingled blues, jazz and a little bit of improv. into a grand accompaniment. Together and separately, this husband and wife team is well known in the local music venue, and anybody who was present would have to say that they lived up to normal expectations, with a superb block of entertainment.

The art itself, donated by members of Pintores and other local artists, displayed a wide range of styles, mediums, and strengths. Local art lovers are well aware that, pound for pound, there is nothing lacking in local creativity.

A large seacoast (Maine) scene by Eastern New Mexico University art chair, Catherine Jennings, and a wide canvas southwestern scene by Main Arteri owner John Muir were no doubt two of the most appealing works present. Size for the sake of size is not necessary, but in these cases, large scale painting clearly helped these experienced, highly competent artists to give the feeling of “being there.”

Nationally known artist and illustrator Scott Blazek broke away from expectations with a work which bordered on impressionistic: stark, strong and clearly delineated, a landscape which evoked emotion rather than clear-cut geography. In my untutored words, I would call it a “landscape of the mind.”

Art created by strong local artists such as Lucille Bradburn, Debi Weir, Pat Weekley, Shirley Demaio, Joy Pattison and Ginnie Seifert was also present, once again reminding us that Clovis need not give any quarter to Santa Fe or Taos in competence and giftedness. We are fortunate to have people of this caliber living in our area.

It would not do to neglect mentioning Richard Cullin’s “Photon Nebulizer,” a ceramic piece which functions as an antique camera.

Richard explained how this works, but you would be better to visit him where he can frequently be found — the Main Arteri — and hear it for yourself.

I know I have left many out, but time and space impose limits. I can’t close without applauding the guests, who came with the intent of enjoying themselves, socializing, and opening the doors to the holiday mood, In other words, they were committed to having a good time, so of course, that was what occurred. Special gratitude goes to Diana Elliott, who planned and executed refreshments, Len Vohs, who donated beverages, and Pam Atherton and Beverly Reynolds, who managed and conducted the auction.

Once again, an event has been held in Clovis to remind us that this town is multidimensional, multitalented, and a great place to live.