Letters to the Editor: Foundations control most of America

While listening to “Meet the Press” on TV, someone suggested a “must read” book for all of us. It is titled, “Foundations of Betrayal” by Phil Kent.

It’s about large foundations giving large sums of money to colleges and others and then manipulating them. They are buying, selling and betraying America. They are referred to as the “silent government.”

It was through the gift of money to colleges that we were introduced to Dr. Benjamin Spock. Too many listened to his theories on child-rearing. Now we are faced with the backlash of children who were never taught to obey authority or accept responsibility.

Read the police reports for our schools in Clovis and the violence in the schools and around our nation. Authority was taken away from the teachers and parents (we allowed it to happen). Now parents don’t know how to be parents.

This is just one example of their betrayal. Politicians, as we know, are bought. Then we have the issues of abortion, gay rights, etc., and now these large foundations have evidently bought some of the churches.

This book must be read.

Another book, “Islam and Terrorism,” is also a great eye-opener. As we know, al-Qaida’s plan is to kill the Christians and rule the world.
It appears to me we are fighting three wars: one in Iraq, one to fight the terrorist at home and abroad, and the third and most important war is against Satan.

By reading the Bible, by God, we can see that false religion, corrupt government and man’s selfishness are Satan’s greatest tools. The Bible says we have eyes and don’t see, and ears and don’t hear.

We need to be alert, aware and always on guard because the enemies are among us.

Lois Lesly