Letters to the Editor: Alcohol contributes to moral collapse

This letter is about the 725 names needed on a petition to call an election on Sunday liquor sales.

I would like to see the names of those who cannot stand even one day to be free of alcohol sales.

I sincerely hope I would not see any names from our police and fire personnel or any in the medical profession. These people know better than most of us what the abundance of alcohol can do.

Then I hope I would not see the names of any of our school teachers or any members of my church. I believe we would be in agreement about alcohol being a culprit in the moral decline of our society.

I for one will vote against the Sunday liquor sales if it gets on the ballot. I applaud all of the energy and efforts to become a tobacco-free society, but I think alcohol is much, much worse.

Diane Reed

Citizens need to brush up on flag etiquette
The flag of the United States deserves the standard of respect that the greatest nation in the world deserves.

Most people treat the U.S. flag and the flags of other nations as something they can abuse, not as a symbol of prominence.

You treat things like trash and you get trash in return.

Recently, there have been a couple of incidents in which a foreign flag was flown above the U.S. flag. If we look at the United Nations building, we can note that all national flags fly at the same level and on different flag poles.

A while back, I marched in a parade where the parade organizer allowed a Mexican flag twice the size of the U.S. flag to be carried in the parade. I brought it up to the organizer and she said the flag was given to her for the parade and she felt bad about not using it in the parade. She was not aware of any U.S. flag protocol.

The flying of any flag does not have anything to do with politics or national preference; it’s part of that nation’s symbol of prominence, even if we do not like that particular nation or the people that run the nation.

People that are going to use a flag for a parade, fly the flag on a flag pole or use a flag for anything should look up the protocol for that function and follow the appropriate flag etiquette.

Numerous Internet Web sites have information about flag etiquette.

Joe Munoz