Emergency personnel credit to city

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On the morning of Oct. 12, an elderly friend of mine called and said she had fallen. I went to her house but couldn’t get in.
I pecked on the windows and banged on the door but couldn’t get a response, so I called 911.
Within minutes, the police, an ambulance and a fire truck were there. They surveyed the house to see where they would do the least damage breaking in. They were very professional.
They decided to go in through the front doors, which included a storm door that was locked. They all worked together until they got both doors open, which was a great task.
Fortunately, the paramedics said my friend was OK.
Two firefighters went to get a set of new locks to put on her door. Firefighter David Scioli asked me to get her a latch with keys for her storm door and he put it on for her the next day.
He suggested I have extra keys made and give them to her friends that she could trust.
They were all very courteous through the whole ordeal. It makes me proud to be a citizen of Clovis.

Willene Collins

People’s kindness appreciated
I want to thank EMTs and several hospitable people in Clovis the evening of Sept. 21.
I was attending an event at the rodeo arena. I was headed toward the concession stands and I fell down the steps and hit my knee. My kneecap was broken in two places.
Many people stopped and offered to help me. I could not move. A paramedic came to my assistance. He was real compassionate and kind. He ordered an ambulance. Then, two more great EMTs came. They made my trip to the hospital much less painful.
The hospital was very accommodating as well as the doctor and the nurses.
Also, thanks to Justus Anderson who came to the hospital and later called me to see how I was.
And I want to thank Richard and Shawn Hadley for staying with me the entire time. They really helped support my mom by very graciously leading her to Highway 60 from the hospital, so we could head to Hereford, Texas.
I pray God blesses each one for all they did for me.

Nancy Victor
Hereford, Texas