Events showcase local artists

By Clyde Davis: Columnist

With the approaching holiday season, our minds and hearts turn toward festive events and opportunities to expand one’s horizons, encounter friends new and old, and discover the world of art. Several events will be coming up in the area over the next few weeks, and this column will introduce you to at least two of those events.

The approaching weekend is the fifth year in a row for the Investments Out West Gallery of Portales to host western sculptor Curtis Fort, who will introduce the Storyteller piece, as well as a full year’s worth of new bronzes on display. Fort’s familiarity with the world of horses, ranchers, and the West, born and bred of personal experience, is worth a visit to the gallery in and of itself. Open house at the gallery will be held Oct. 26-27.

In addition to the bronzes, you can view new works by local talents Shirley deMaio and Courtney Markwell, as well as Lawanda Calton and Marilyn Rigsby. Since all of the artists will be present during the weekend, it gives you the opportunity to meet and greet as well, finding the story behind the art.

Live music will also help draw you to this event, as guitarist Mo Perry will be playing out front each day. This event has been a great seasonal celebration each year, with the opportunity to meet a Smithsonian acclaimed sculptor.

The following Saturday, Clovis will play host to a Pintores sponsored scholarship gala, held for the purposes of raising money to help out Eastern New Mexico University and Clovis Community College art students.

Local artists’ work will be featured on Nov. 3, with an auction following a “Meet and Greet” with the artists and artisans. Flat art, as well as textile art and sculpture in several mediums, will be featured at this event, scheduled for Saturday evening.

Refreshments will be provided, and live music is scheduled to be on the program. Several years ago, a similar gala raised several thousand dollars for displaced Hurricane Katrina students. Anyone desiring information on this event may contact me at the e-mail listed, or the Main Arteri at 742-3112. Come out, have a good time, and support a worthwhile cause.

So for these two weekends at least, there shall be no cries of “There’s never anything to do around here!”